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A Challenge to Ministers of the Gospel who Lack Adequate Training


The phenomenal spread of Christianity throughout sub-Sahara Africa can be attributed to ordinary people taking the message of salvation to friends, families, and neighbors, and then on to the next village, town, city, district and nation. Many African Christians are serious about obeying the Great Commission and preaching the Good News to all people. As a result, churches have been planted nearly everywhere. Many of these churches however are led by untrained or inadequately trained pastors who know very little about the Bible, theology or ministry. This has brought much confusion and false doctrine into the church. Such leaders may have good intentions, but it takes more than good intensions to get the job done right. If you're a church leader like that, please seriously consider the following question:


Do YOU desire to be a truly effective soldier in God's army �a well-equipped Centurion of Christ?


This is the beginning point of the application process - you must decide the answer to that question. If you're not sure in your heart that the answer is YES, then do not apply at this time. But if you have a deep conviction that you need to undergo training in order to become a well-equipped Centurion of Christ, then continue on.


If God has really called you into the ministry, then we believe you want to be the best for him that you possibly can be, and we at Alpha-Omega Seminary may be able to help you achieve that. The Alpha-Omega program is NOT easy, and it's NOT for everyone. If you're looking for easy, AOS is NOT the place for you. But if you're looking for training that can turn you into an extraordinary Centurion of Christ, then we can assist you in achieving that goal.

Qualifications for Admission


Applicants must meet the following qualifications:


    • You must be actively serving in the ministry.
    • You must be sent (not just recommended) for training by the church or Christian organization that you work under.
    • You must have a secondary school certificate or equivalent.
      • A-level certificate with principal passes to be admitted into the 3-year degree program
      • O-level certificate to be admitted into the 4-year degree program



Application Form


If you want to enroll as a student in Alpha-Omega Seminary, please complete this form. If a question does not pertain to you, skip it and go to the next question. After completing the form, click SUBMIT.


Your names

(Write your names in the correct order that you want on your graduation certificate with correct spelling.)


Name of record

(Which one name of those you put above do you want your records listed under? Choose one name only.)


Email Address



Country of residence


Postal address




Alternate telephone

(number of a relative or friend that can contact you if we cannot)


Year of Birth


Are you currently serving as a minister of the Gospel?

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(If you answered NO, stop here. You do not qualify to be a student of AOS.)


What is the name of the local church where you regularly worship?

What is your current ministry? (Choose one from the drop down list.)


If "Other," indicate your ministry here


In what year did you start your current ministry?


Name of organization you serve under


Indicate any previous ministry experience you have had, including dates


Did you complete secondary school?

  YES            NO


If YES, indicate what certificate(s) you earned from secondary school and date(s)


Have you completed any post secondary school course(s)?

  YES            NO


If YES, indicate what certificate(s) you earned and date(s)

How would you rate your ability to study in English?

  VERY GOOD            GOOD            FAIR            POOR


Use this space to give testimony of your salvation experience


Thank you for making application to join Alpha-Omega Seminary. After reviewing your application, we will contact you at the email address you provided and inform you what to do next. Now click the SUBMIT button.