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    What is a Ministry Team?


    Jesus had a ministry team (Mat 10:1; Luk 8:3; 10:1) and so did Paul (Rom 15:24; 16:1-3, 13; Phi 2:19-22; 4:15-19; 2Th 3:1). A ministry team consists of believers who have a shared vision and who work together to fulfill that vision in the three areas of personnel, provisions and prayer. In addition to those of us who are on staff at the seminary, the AOS Ministry Team is also comprised of friends who make occasional trips to Uganda to help out in various ways as well as others who minister from their home countries.

    Testimonials from Ministry Team Members


    The following testimonials come from some wonderful people on the AOS Ministry Team who have come in person to Africa and experienced Alpha-Omega firsthand. There are others who have been and continue to be a blessing to us but have never had the opportunity to come over. We are truly grateful to all. Their contributions to this ministry are invaluable.

    When I first came on a work team in 1994 to help in building and to teach, I quickly discovered the desire to learn in these Seminary Students and their churches. I have returned to teach and to work with
    these wonderful pastors. As Academic Dean I am committed to helping provide an education that will
    equip leaders to train leaders. I humbly volunteer to teach and train as well as advocate for a well-rounded and interesting education that will be worth every sacrifice made by the students to obtain it.

    I retired from over 41 years of Pastoral Ministry to find myself called to invest my life forward into men of
    God. My call comes from Hebrews 12:15a. “See to it that no one fails to receive the grace of God…”
    Alan and Louise Howe
    Academic Dean and Lecturer

    Alpha-Omega Seminary


    I have taught courses eight times at Alpha-Omega Seminary over a 20-year period, and nothing I've done in my ministry has been more productive. From the beautiful campus and its setting to the wonderful hospitality of its people, I have always enjoyed my visits.


    But more importantly, my relationship with the African pastors has been invaluable. They are some of the most committed disciples of Christ I have met anywhere, and they are eager to learn. My ministry with them is multiplied hundreds of times over as they take what I've taught them and correctly instruct their own people.


    I heartily encourage other qualified pastors to share in this strategic and rewarding experience by giving a few weeks of their time to teach a course at Alpha-Omega.


    Ted Duncan

    Senior Pastor, Calvary Bible Church

    Bakersfield, California, USA




    After visiting Uganda in 2001 and experiencing firsthand the ministry of Alpha-Omega, God touched our hearts to become faithful, long-term supporters of this ministry. Our hearts have always been moved by Christian education and in equipping the Saints to teach the Good News of Jesus Christ.


    As we spent time with missionaries Jim and Diane Clair, the founders of Alpha-Omega, and also with their staff and the students who were engaged in studies, we witnessed a wonderful work being done in training African pastors to sheph 

     erd their congregations and teach Christ to their communities. The impact has been profound as the principles of Jesus Christ are taught and put into practice.


    Alpha-Omega is well managed and efficient with the resources entrusted to them in carrying out the Great Commission in East Africa. Please join us in support of this outstanding life-changing ministry.


    Mike & Patty Starzer

    Owners, Bonanza Creek Energy

    Denver, Colorado, USA




    I have been making trips to Uganda and teaching courses at Alpha-Omega Seminary since 1997. I'm the white-haired guy standing next to my friends Jim and Diane Clair, the founders of Alpha-Omega Ministries. This picture of us was taken in front of the fountains and baptistery at Palm Court on the ministry campus.


    The adult Bible class I teach at my home church also supports the ministry of the seminary, donating funds that are then used to buy much-needed books and other resources for the seminary �books I then have the privilege of ordering for Alpha-Omega's library.


    Good reference books for ministers are in very short supply in East Africa, so if someone is interested in donating their personal library or providing funds to assist in shipping books to Alpha-Omega, that would be an EXCELLENT investment in the work of God's kingdom.


    Vance Furtado

    Assistant Professor, Global University

    Bakersfield, California, USA




    We've had a personal relationship with Alpha-Omega for a very long time. Barb and I were missionaries in Jinja back in the early nineties when our friends Jim and Diane Clair were just beginning to pull this ministry out of the ground. Every time I go back to visit I'm really amazed at what God is doing.


    Pete & Barbara Gibson

    Staff, Global Outreach International

    Tupelo, Mississippi, USA







    Serving in Uganda with the Clairs was an adventure and a delight. Being a part of the building ministry and seeing the campus of Alpha-Omega grow physically and spiritually has been a blessing. We are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside the vision the Lord has placed upon the Clairs. We have also learned a great deal from the pastors who attend Alpha-Omega and been blessed by their passion to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.


    We also got to take a trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park. What a thrill to see so many wild African animals up close and personal! The boat ride on the Kazinga Channel was awesome. Lions, elephants, crocodiles, hippos, buffalos, and so many beautiful birds of all colors and sizes!


    The Lord has lots of opportunities for those willing to serve and the needs are many! Let the Lord use your finances, your time and your talents to serve in this valuable ministry. We are all gifted for His service. Ephesians 4:15-16.


    David & Lesley Anderson

    Bakersfield, California, USA




    I've visited Alpha-Omega twice, and each time I've been very impressed with the facilities, with the grounds, and with the staff. This truly is a ministry done with EXCELLENCE.


    Brian Tyndall

    President, Uttermost Evangelism

    Tupelo, Mississippi, USA










    I had many good times and experiences as an airline pilot for 35 years. But my most meaningful and blessed experiences are the ones I had by serving at Alpha-Omega in Jinja, Uganda. Working on the auditorium was probably the biggest blessing, especially building the bench seats with backs. Here I am working on the steel frames that were later set right into the concrete floor as the concrete was being poured.


    It was quite a job getting the frames set in just right due to the slope of the auditorium floor, especially for the two side sections where, in addition to the sloping floor, the seats were also set at a slight angle towards the center. The auditorium is big. We fitted seating for 900 people, plus there's room for 300 movable chairs in front of the fixed seating areas.


    There are so many ways to be involved at Alpha-Omega doing work like masonry, landscaping, steel fabrication, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting and more. Perhaps the most rewarding thing is to be in on what God is doing in Africa. It is really about the relationships with the people that are working and living at Alpha-Omega along with the pastors that are studying at the seminary. I have been there three times, and the encouragement and blessing I received by being a part of and working in the Spirit and fellowshipping with the African people is remarkable.


    I really encourage everyone to be involved in some way. If you can't actually attend in person, prayer and financial help will also be a blessing to the work.


    Nick Nickolson

    Bakersfield, California, USA




    In the early years of Alpha-Omega before it became part of Global Outreach, my husband Bob and I worked as volunteers and took care of the stateside business for the mission. This included handling contributions, keeping accounts, and mailing out newsletters. It was a lot of work but I loved every minute of it. I wanted to visit Uganda to see firsthand what was being done at the seminary, but my husband always said I was too sick to make such a trip.


    Bob went to be with the Lord in 1999, and God then gave me strength to make that trip. I even got to go into the cockpit as we flew over the Sahara Desert following the Nile River south towards the equator. The British Airways pilot was very polite to answer all my questions, that is, until I asked him this one - "How close are we to the third heaven? You know, the one mentioned in the Bible." That's when I was told my time was up! But they didn't throw me out the plane, and we eventually landed at Entebbe.


    I can say two things about Ugandans - as drivers they're terrible, but as people they're very friendly. They have great respect for older people, so that was good for me, and the pastors at the seminary made me their adopted Mama, which was a great honor.


    I spent a lot of my time there entering books into the library computer. When it

     was time to leave, I felt like I had made a valuable contribution to the ministry as we

    ll as made many new friends. I'm an old lady, and if I can do it, you can help too. You won't get paid, but there will be great rewards in heaven!


     Jackie Clair

    Mother & Mother-in-law of the Founders

    Hampton, Virginia, USA



    Become Part of Our Ministry Team


    There are many ways that people can get involved in this worthwhile ministry. We say "worthwhile" because helping one African pastor get the training he needs to effectively carry on his ministry not only changes an individual - it changes a whole church! And in some cases, where a student is a district overseer or a national leader, it has an impact on many churches. So here are seven ways YOU can get involved in this work and be part of the AOS Ministry Team. As indicated above, this involves personnel, provisions and prayer.

    Full-time Staff Member

    • Faculty
    • Librarian
    • Construction/Maintenance Supervisor


    1)  Become a member


    Perhaps God is calling you to serve Him full-time on the AOS staff. We need qualified personnel for the following positions.


    Professors in Biblical Studies, Theology, Ministry and English

    (graduate degree in relevant field required)


    Note:  Potential missionary staff must be sent out by Global Outreach International (see Affiliations) and are responsible to raise their own support.


    "The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed." (Hudson Taylor)


    If you are interested in becoming a Full-time Staff Member, please complete the Response Form at the end of this page.Click here to go to the Response Form now.


    2)  Become a Short-Term Volunteer:

    Short-term volunteers are also needed.  This requires service on the field ranging from a period of a few weeks to several months. Areas of service include the following.


      • Seminary teachers (Courses are taught in block format and are completed in about two weeks.)
      • Construction workers
      • General help


      Note:  Volunteer workers must pass through Global Outreach International (see Affiliations) and are responsible to raise funds to cover their expenses. 

        If you are interested in becoming a Short-Term Volunteer, please complete the Response Form at the end of this page.Click here to go to the Response Form now.


      Mission is not about "What can I spare?" but

      "What will it take?"


      Alpha-Omega has an excellent reputation for practicing outstanding

      stewardship. In addition, 100% of every donation that passes through Global Outreach International (see Affiliations) goes directly to the mission field without any deductions being made. That's right, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! So please pray about contributing to any or all of the following.



      3)  Become a Scholarship Sponsor


      A donation of US$ 50 per month or $ 600 per year to the scholarship fund provides one scholarship to an African pastor that makes his education at AOS affordable. (See Financial Aid.) Scholarship Sponsors will receive regular reports from students informing them about their studies and ministries.


      Note: We only provide students with partial scholarships. They are responsible to pay a portion of their fees not covered by scholarships. We do this because we believe it builds faith and character in their lives as they look to God to provide their needs.


      If the seminary did not give scholarships to pastors, most of us could not afford to pay even the subsidized fees. Almost no African father wants his son to become a pastor because he knows his salary will be very low and that would mean only little help for the family. Out in the village most pastors of the born-again churches get less than 5o U.S. dollars per month. In town churches, perhaps 100 dollars. That amount is not enough to live on if he has a family to cater for, so paying for an university education is way beyond reach.


      We appreciate so much the help that is given us in the form of scholarships. Our lives and ministries have been transformed by Alpha-Omega. May God bless you very, very much and repay you in heaven.


      Pastor Percysledge Bagoole

      AOS Graduate 2012

       If you are interested in becoming a Scholarship Sponsor, please complete the Response Form at the end of this page.

      Click here to go to the Response Form now.

      4)  Become a Building Fund Booster


      We continue to work on building a beautiful campus to the glory of God on the banks of the River Nile just a few miles down from its source at Lake Victoria. Everyone who visits us marvels at the beauty of our facilities and grounds (see Photo Gallery). Our actual construction costs are but a small fraction of what it costs to build in the USA. Please pray about helping to fund these projects.



      Current Project: New Dormitory

      Projected completion date:  November 2013

      Funds still needed (as of August 2013):  US$ 9000 (including furnishings)


      Next Project: New Library (15,000 sq. ft.)

      Projected groundbreaking date:  November 2013

      Estimated cost:  US$ 215,000 (including furnishings)


      If you are interested in becoming a Building Fund Booster, please complete the Response Form at the end of this page.

      Click here to go to the Response Form now.

      5) Become a Library Patron


      Donations of new and used books are always needed for our library.  It is especially helpful when a retired pastor donates his personal library. Public libraries are another source of books as they periodically give books away that they no longer need, so you might inquire at your local library. Another way to serve as a Library Patron is to sponsor magazine subscriptions.


      If you are interested in becoming a Library Patron, please complete the Response Form at the end of this page.

      Click here to go to the Response Form now.


      6) Become a

       Missionary Supporter


      AOS missionary staff are responsible for raising their own support, including salary, travel expenses, project funding, insurance, retirement, etc.


      "If a commission by an earthly king is considered a great honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?" (David Livingstone)


      If you are interested in becoming a Missionary Supporter, please complete the Response Form at the end of this page.

      Click here to go to the Response Form now.




      7)  Become a Prayer Partner


      Prayer is the mighty engine that is to move the missionary work.

      A.B. Simpson

      As a Prayer Partner of AOS you will not only be praying for the school but also for the students and the various ministries they are involved in. You will be receiving prayer requests and getting praise reports of answered prayer. In addition, we would also like to pray for your needs. "Finally, brothers, pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread and be honored" (2Th 3:1).

      If you are interested in becoming a Prayer Partner, please complete the Response Form at the end of this page.

      Click here to go to the Response Form now.



      Response Form


      If you want to join the AOS Ministry Team or if you just want more information about it, please complete this form. Then click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form. We will get back to you.


      Yes, I would like to join the AOS Ministry  Team.

      I am interested in becoming a . . .                  


        Fulltime Staff Member

        Short-Term Volunteer

        Scholarship Sponsor

        Building Fund Booster

        Library Patron

        Missionary Supporter

        Prayer Partner

        Other (please indicate in text box below)



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